Basic Digital Photography for Kids

Kids will grow confidence in themselves while learning how to control cameras and the light around them to create expressive works of art. Using the tools we cover, students will leave this class with a broader understanding of what they can do with any light and any camera.



  • A camera is required, ideally one that can be controlled manually, but a point-and-shoot or phone can work for the project portions of the class.
  • Also your child must have access to Zoom Meetings on a computer or other device.


We will learn about why people create photos, a little bit of the history of photography, the basics on how to use your camera, different ways to use light, and lots more. Each class will have a fun photography project to experiment with to practice your new skills. We encourage parents and other family members to join in on the fun though we will only be posting the photos submitted by the student.

For ages 7 – 13.

Cost: $39 per student

  • 4-week course
  • Two days a week (Tuesday & Thursday) at Noon or 1:30pm (PDT)
  • Each class will be 30 minutes
  • Maximum of 12 kids per session
  • Parents are welcome to attend the meetings as observers
  • Attendance is expected at every meeting so you do not fall behind