About Your Photographer

My first photography class was during my first year in college in 2003.  It became my passion to capture the beauty in an expression.  The serious faces, the smiles, and the tears.  So I decided to start Illuminated Photography. 

God definitely blessed me with a wonderful husband who supports me in my photography endeavors. When we moved into our house we converted part of the house into a beautiful studio.  I love being creative with lighting and with my crazy collection of props ranging from old antiques to the lastest beanie on Etsy.

I am an outgoing Cuban woman with a very patient husband whom I love, I really really really like coffee (yes coffee is second), being around people makes me happy and hyper.  I enjoy traveling, playing games (especially playing Phineas and Ferb’s ‘Best Game Ever’ in a busy restuarant), Dr. Who (if you are a Whovian too, we will get along just fine), singing, playing the guitar, being creative, going to Disneyland and everything Disney.  I am sure there are other things about me that I could write here, but you will just have to come to my studio and let me take your picture to get to know me better.  

See you in the studio or on location.
We will have fun wherever we are.  🙂

Your photographer,