Back to School. . . but different.

A new school year brings brand new school adventures, especially this year. I wanted to keep a little normalcy in your lives and make sure you get your kiddos yearly school portraits.

It will be a little different then your typcial school portraits, but all for the better. Instead of the get-what-you-get school portraits, we take our time to get true smiles and expressions.

BUT don’t take my word of it, check out the sessions below with our cuties from our mommy rep group.

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That smile! So cute. So much excitement, but with a hint of mischief 😉
No you are not seeing double 🙂
Apple? How can you tell her no? Such a sweatheart!
This is her first year in school and her first official school portraits. So exciting! I love capturing firsts.
This handsome lil man knows how to pose. I have been taking his photos since he was born.
Woohoo! Class of 2031! Her teacher made her this shirt in kinder and she take a photo in it every year. What a great tradtion!

COVID UPDATE: We want you to feel as comfortable as possible here at our studio. As always, we wipe down and sanitize high traffic areas and props used in between every family that comes into our studio. At this time we have spread out our mini sessions a little bit more to give time for a more throurough cleaning and less wait time in our lounge area for each family. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

If you thought these were so cute and you want your kids to get their own back to school portraits you can get more info HERE.

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