Curbside Portraits: The Alves

It’s always such a pleasure having the Alves Family come into the studio. They are such a fun loving group and the best part is the camera LOVES them!


They’ve come in for family, maternity and newborn shoots; this time was for not one but TWO graduates.


This graduate is ready to take on Junior High! She’ll be starting home schooling this year and we’re so excited to see what she grows up to be.  

This little graduate brought along his little monster friend. He designed it and then High School sewing students turned his imagination into reality. Isn’t that so cool? Glad he brought his friend in for us to meet. Can’t wait to see what other amazing things his imagination will come up with!

Here at Illuminated Photography we don’t just capture these precious moments, we create lasting connections with our clients. We would love to connect with your family in the studio soon!

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