GIVEAWAY – Basic Digital Photography Class

I am so excited to be starting these new photography classes! I know a lot of kids are home bored or just doing too much school work and this class is intended to break up that day and bring in some fun. Each time we meet I will be giving them a fun new assignment for them to work on til the next meeting. The best part is this class will help them document this time we are living in now.

I love photography and I think it is sooo important to document even the little things in our lives and not just the big moments that I get to capture for your family in my studio. That is why I also set up a class for moms and dads to learn how to take better pics with any camera. If you received a new camera for Christmas or your birthday I will go over the basic manual function of that as well but with this class you will be able to use any camera.

You can enter the contest for a free class HERE.

If you just want to register for a class go HERE.