Top 3 tips to taking better pics of your kids with ANY camera

Here are my top 3 tips you always want to follow when you are taking pics of your kiddos indoors or out.  

Clean your lens – I know it sounds like a no brainer, but sometimes the only reason you may be getting blurry pictures is because there is a small smudge on your camera lens.  I just keep a small eyeglass cleaner cloth in my purse and use that to clean it before I start taking pictures.  Just make sure you don’t use any scratchy fabric to clean it, you don’t want to scratch your lens.

They have cute ones on amazon, but I do like to use the ones from Norwex. They are cute and have a little hook on it to keep it connected to your purse.

Get down on their level- This REALLY makes a difference. If this is all you did different your photos would significantly better.  You want the viewer to see them eye to eye instead of looking down at them when viewing the picture. You can do this by taking a knee or if you have a viewfinder that pops out you can angle it up while you take the picture at your hip. 

Getting down to their level let’s you see more emotion. It also give them that moment of surprise where you can capture thier eyes.

Find the light – Light is one if the most essential parts of taking a good photo.  Look to see where the light is coming from and where it is falling.  If you are indoors, open the curtain or let your kiddos play near the area where the light is coming in.  If you are outside locate the light position yourself accordingly.  People tend to want to stay in the sunlight when taking a photo, but the best thing to do is find the shade.  Especially during midday.  The best time to photograph your child is 1-2 hours after sunrise or 2-3 hours before sunset. This is also a plus because that is the time kiddos are in the best mood, at least that’s the case at my house.  

By simply opening up the blackout curtain and leaving the white one down to diffuse the light her eyes brightened and her skin tone is more even.

I hope you are able to take these few tips and run with them.  

NEXT time I will be sharing how to get those great smiles and ditch the cheesy “CHEESE” smile.  

QUEST OF THE DAY: Take a picture using ALL of these tips then post it or email it info @  Did it make a difference? Did you try something new?  

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