When it’s over. . .

We keep on saying when it’s over I’m going to . . . but what are you doing right now? Let’s all just take a deep breath and take in all the joyful times we CAN have with our kiddos right now.

It’s been an interesting week and I don’t think it will be over soon. So I put together a series of blogs/emails that will help us find and remember joy in this not so fun time in our lives. Just so you know if you want to be notified when I post a new blog just comment below or sign up at the bottom of the page.


What you need:
camera (phone/point and shoot/DSLR/etc)
notebook (designate a notebook just for this and keep it handy)
pen/pencil (I like to keep mine in my notebook)

Just take photos of something your kiddos are doing that makes you laugh.  It doesn’t have to be special just something that makes you pause and smile, like them playing nicely together (that’s a big one).  When you do take a photo, write down one thought that came into your head.  If you can’t do it immediately try to go through the pics you took at the end of the night and write one little thing about maybe 3-5 of them.   

Our NEXT post will be about how to take great pics indoors and out so STAY TUNED! 

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is one thing you want to do in the next week that you don’t typically do with your kids at home? 

REPLY below in the comments with your answer and I will share it anonymously on my facebook page or go straight to my facebook page and share it there.