10 Things Kids Can Do With Other Kids Over Video Chat

A lot of parents have been asking for a list of things that friends can do together over video chat.  SO I thought it would be a good idea to share some.  This has nothing to do with photography but us mommies have to stick together. Most of these are great for younger kids but I think they could be adapted for all ages.  I am even thinking about doing some of these with my friends when kiddos to be at night.  Us adults need social interaction too!

  1. Hang man – This is a great one to do over the week. You can give each child a list of the other persons spelling words for the week and have them do homework together when they think they are playing a fun game together.  
  2. Charades  – Prep is pretty easy.  Have each child write down 10 words they want to act out and then they can take turns acting them out in front of the camera. 
  3. Freeze dance party  – This one is pretty self explanatory.  Just turn on the music on one end and crank up the sound on the other end so they both have the same music.  This may require one adult to stay and be the DJ, but you can take turns so maybe one family can get stuff done while they are occupied. If you do it through Zoom or Google chat rooms you can have multiple families playing at one time. 
  4. Read together – If you have a reader in the family go ahead and let them read to the whole group of friends.  The littles can listen and the older children can take turns reading their favorite story.  So cuddle up and skootch in.  It’s time for a story.  
  5. Make a “no bake” snack  – Choose a recipe, like these no bake cookies, that is a super easy, snack that you can each make and enjoy together. They can learn to read a recipe together. Then they can enjoy a snack together in the end too.  
  6. Online Drawing Games – There are actually a lot of free drawing games out there. Something that I have been playing for awhile is Draw Something.  I am pretty sure it available for both Android and Apple devices.  BUT something fun I just discovered is Caribu.  It is only for Apple right now but if you both have an iOS device it is great.  It is usually subscription, but during this epidemic they are offering it for free. 
  7. Play 20 Questions  – A good, old-fashioned phone call might be boring for kids, but you can ramp up any conversation with a rousing game of 20 Questions. Here’s how it works: One person thinks of an object or topic and writes it down. Then, the other person asks questions to determine what they’re thinking of until they reach the maximum of 20 questions or until they figure out the object/topic that the other had in mind. To make it a little easier for younger kids, you can stick to a category to choose things from like animals or foods.
  8. Have Show-and-Tell  – Just like they do at school, each kid can have a blast during a video show-and-tell session with their friends. Have your kids pick an item that is special to them and let them show it off and tell each other all about it via FaceTime, Zoom, or Google chat.
  9. Go for a walk – When you have the opportunity to get out of the house and take a walk (keeping your distance from others, of course), dial up a video call with a friend and have them follow along on your walk or even take a walk at the same time in your own neighborhoods. Each kid can share things they are seeing birds, squirrels, sticks they pick up, and anything else they notice on the walk. 
  10.  Complete a LEGO Challenge – Like with drawings, children can either work on similar projects or challenge each other to create something. You can use the computer camera or just set up a tripod for the iPhone/iPad.  They can watch each other’s creations grow, while they are chatting and building. Check out this list of LEGO challenges!

Ok guys I am sure there are lots more.  I would love to hear your ideas down in the comments.  Thanks for reading. Enjoy!