6 Reasons Why You Should Be Printing Your Photos

In this digital age we have been spoiled.  We can take as many pictures we want and if we don’t like it we can erase it and try again.  The only problem is that less and less people are printing their pictures.  Doesn’t really seem like an issue to most people, but let me give you a couple reasons why printing your pictures is so so so important. 

  1. Your digital device WILL fail – How many times have you heard that person say I can’t believe I didn’t back that up? Or that collage student who just finished their paper and the computer crashes? We all think it can’t happen to us until it does.  No matter how many times we back something up it can all fail. When you print your images its a lot harder to lose them.
  2. Photos are so much prettier then blank walls – If you think about even hotels have pictures up to make you feel at home.  Why not make your own home feel like home with a few photos of your family or even just your kids? 
  3. Digital images are forgotten – When was the last time you took out that USB drive or Photo CD from JCPenny or even went through the HUNDREDS of photos on your phone? It’s not only important to print them, but to hang them on your wall for everyone to see. Otherwise they get stuck in a drawer somewhere collecting dust. 
  4. Studies show it gives confidence to your kids – David Krauss, a licensed psychologist from Cleveland, Ohio says “I am very conservative about self-esteem and I think placing a family photo someplace in the home where the child can see it every day without having to turn on a device or click around on a computer to find it really hits home for that child this sense of reassurance and comfort. They have a certainty about them and a protecting quality that nurtures a child. It let’s them know where they are in the pecking order and that they are loved and cared for.”
  5. It triggers good memories – Photos tilt your memories toward the good experiences you’ve had, simply because you’re more likely to take photos of joyful times. That’s important, because due to a phenomenon known as “negativity bias,” it’s easier to recall bad times than good ones. Having snapshots of the latter keeps them vivid in our minds.
  6. They make great gifts – I have another whole blog about gifts you can make with photos after you have printed them. There are things like photo coasters, mini brag books, silly pillows and embracing scrapbooking along with a few other ideas. 

Take a look at some of our prints on the walls at the studio down below!