Different Clothing Tips for Maternity Sessions

8 Clothing Tips/Ideas for Maternity Sessions

Not sure what to wear for your maternity session? Check out these great tips to help you prepare:

  1. Remember, the main purpose of this session is to show off your baby bump– so be sure to wear more clingy clothing to your session. Its doesn’t necessarily have to be tight, but you want it to be more form fitting so you can see the bump. Just be sure that it’s still comfortable for you.
  2. We suggest wearing shirts with some kind of sleeve on them– there are more flattering for photos. Things like a dress with 3/4 length sleeves, or a form fitting tank top with a sweater/cardigan over it are always a good idea.
  3. Maxi dresses and tunics with cinched waists are perfect for any season and are a fan favorite when it comes to maternity sessions
  4. Dress in layers– this will help to give you several clothing ‘looks’ without having to fully change your outfit every time.
  5. Belts can really help to accentuate your bump. We suggest trying to add one to your wardrobe for this session
  6. Dresses with ruching at the sides also help give your bump more definition and are a great option!
  7. We always suggest bringing a button-down shirt to your session. You can wear it over a tank, or if you want o expose your belly, we can use this shirt to do so, while keeping the rest of your upper body modest.
  8. Be comfortable– Above all else, your comfort is the most important thing. If you’re uncomfortable, it will show on the camera. Find an outfit that feels good and that you know you look good in. This will help you to relax for the best photos.

Bonus Tip!

At our studio, we provide a lot of beautiful gowns made just for expecting mothers. You can bring your own clothes… or let us take care of you and your outfits. We won’t tell anyone you came in your pajamas. 😉

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